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Bolzzen Dynamo Pro


The Dynamo Pro is the result of over a year of refinement, engineering, designing, and fine-tuning for the demands of the Australian market.

  • Monster Dual 1000W Motors
  • Zoom Hydraulic Brakes
  • Upgraded 23Ah LG Battery
  • Dual Suspension
  • Full-width deck grip

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The best, just got a WHOLE lot better.

Featuring some of the most advanced upgrades for the Australian market, the Bolzzen Dynamo Pro is a serious adult commuter eScooter.

Bolzzen eBikes and eScooters


Bolzzen eBikes and eScooters


Bolzzen eBikes and eScooters


The Dynamo Pro is something else! Already packing two massive 1000W motors, but now adding the 23Ah LG Battery and, Zoom hydraulic brakes for just $2,795?! That's insane!

Bobby Clint

Bolzzen Dynamo Pro

We heard you wanted speed

Packing not one, but two massive 1000W motors capable of hurtling you from 0 to 25km/hr in just 2.7 seconds! That’s faster than almost every car in traffic! But speed isn’t everything, with these two super powerful motors, the Bolzzen Dynamo Pro can handle any terrain with a blast of torque when needed.

Designed with Australia in mind

The Australian electric scooter market is drowning with carbon-copy products that aren’t customised, engineered and refined for the Australian buyer, or the conditions of this great land.

The Bolzzen Dynamo Pro has benefited from exhaustive testing, refinement and development for not only the harsher conditions, but for what the Australian buyer is after.

We feel, strongly, that the Bolzzen Dynamo Pro is the best value for money dual motor eScooter in the market.

Bolzzen Dynamo Pro
Bolzzen Dynamo Pro

Take the path less travelled

A stand-out blazing blue highlight feature of the Bolzzen Dynamo Pro has to be the high-performance dual suspension setup. The handling and responsiveness of this system are hard to imagine and must be experienced. By gliding effortlessly across almost any terrain – go ahead, blaze your own trail.

Insane going and stopping power

One of the biggest improvements the Bolzzen Dynamo Pro brings to the market is the 23Ah 52V LG battery. With anything electric, higher quality and higher output translate to more power and range. With a riding range of 80kms, the Bolzzen Dynamo Pro boasts all-day riding bragging rights.

When you take control of a 30kg eScooter getting around at top speed, you want to make sure you’ll be able to stop on a 5-cent piece if the need arises. Being a totally sealed system, hydraulic brakes can’t become contaminated with road grime, rocks or other particulates. Being more efficient, it also requires less effort to get more stopping power!

Bolzzen Dynamo Pro
Bolzzen Dynamo Pro
Technical Information

For everyone wanting the nitty-gritty on the Bolzzen Dynamo Pro.

Motor rated power: 2000W
Max. instantaneous power: 2400W peak output
Top speed: 60km/hr

Gear 1: 25km/hr max. speed
Gear 2: 40km/hr max. speed
Gear 3: 50km/hr max. speed

Acceleration: 3.5 seconds to 25km/hr
Max. incline: 20 degrees
Suggested terrains: streets, bike lanes, sidewalks, trails, or anywhere else you want to take it!

Battery Size: 52V 23Ah LG Battery

Range: 75km

Charge Time: 12-hours. or 6-hours (two regular chargers)

Dimensions (folded): 128cm x 24cm x 53cm 

Dimensions (unfolded): 128cm x 24cm x 127cm

Total Weight: 29kgs

Max Load Capacity: 150kgs

Tires: 10″ front and rear pneumatic

Suspension: Front and rear spring

Brakes: Front and rear disc

Lights: Front and rear

  • When riding eScooters in Australia, please always respect your local laws and regulations as to where you’re able to ride, how fast you can ride and what you need to do in relation to other road users, pedestrians, riders etc.
  • Please always wear an Australia Standard approved helmet. Other protective equipment isn’t a bad idea either. Even at low-speeds, coming unstuck on an eScooter can cause serious injuries, including but not limited to road-rash – don’t be a squid (hard head, soft body).
Built Better, Built Faster, Built Safer.

The Bolzzen Dynamo Pro is the result of over a years worth of testing, engineering, designing and refinement. It’s a whole new beast. With unbelievable power, comfort, range and stopping power – the Bolzzen Dynamo Pro is in a league of its own.

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Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 135 × 31 × 61 cm



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