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Bolzzen Atom Lite


The Bolzzen Atom Lite is one of the most dynamic entry-level eScooters in the market. Designed and crafted for quick, easy and lite travel for commuters and fun-seekers.

  • Super lightweight at only 12.9kg
  • 120kg maximum load capacity
  • Extremely compact when folded
  • Powerful 350W brushless motor with a 36V 8Ah lithium battery
  • Amazing value for money
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Smaller, sometimes is BETTER.

Getting to where you need to be doesn't have to be difficult. The Bolzzen Atom Lite features enough power to move you on the final leg of your journey; for less.


Bolzzen eBikes and eScooters


Bolzzen eBikes and eScooters


Wow - what a package! For not a lot of cash, the amount of scooter you get is hard to not be impressed with. The power from the 350W brushless is surprising and it's a capable little unit!

Niles Goldfield

Bolzzen Atom Lite

Ultra portable and lite

The Bolzzen Atom Lite is the perfect last-mile commuter companion. Packing enough power from its 350W brushless motor to carry up to 120kgs with a max speed of 25km/h (limited for Australian regulations). With a total weight of only 12.9kg coupled with the Easy Fold System, bringing your Bolzzen Atom Lite with you on public transport is simple, convenient and compact.

Designed with Australia in mind

Designed with multiple uses in mind, the Bolzzen Atom Lite is a strong, versatile eScooter with enough power and reliability to handle almost anything you can throw at it.

Not only can the Atom Lite be used as one of the most capable last-mile eScooters on the market, but it’s also the perfect choice for bigger kids moving from toy scooters to bigger, more powerful eScooters. With a powerful 500W peak 350W brushless motor, front suspension, and 8-inch air front tyre, the comfort, handling and safety of the Bolzzen Atom Lite is unlike anything else at this end of the market.

Bolzzen Atom Lite

You're in good hands

The striking blue accents of the Bolzzen Atom Lite instantly identify this eScooter as something special. We’re committed to producing the best products in the eScooter and eBike industry here in Australia. With the carefully chosen combinations of motor, battery, suspension, tyre choice and weight reduction – the Bolzzen Atom Lite represents the best of value for your money, and quality, reliability and peace of mind.

Portability, versatility and convenience

One of the most convincing reasons to invest in your first eScooter is the improvement of that “last-mile” of your journey. Whether you work close to home, or your office is just a little bit too far from the bus or train station, the Bolzzen Atom Lite is, without doubt, one of the best last-mile eScooters in this price bracket.

Being able to easily transport up to 120kgs at a limited top-seed of 25km/h to a range of 30kms – there’s not much this Atom Lite can’t do.

The Easy Fold System implemented on the Bolzzen Atom Lite allows this eScooter to become fully folded within 10-seconds to an extremely compact 93cm x 35cm x 16cm!

Bolzzen Atom Lite
Technical Information

For everyone wanting the nitty-gritty on the Bolzzen Atom Lite.

Motor rated power: 350W
Max. instantaneous power: 500W peak output

Top speed: 25km/h (limited), 35km/h (private property)


Gear 1: 10km/hr max. speed
Gear 2: 20km/hr max. speed
Gear 3: 25km/hr max. speed (limited)

Acceleration: 3.6 seconds to 15km/hr

Max. incline: 15 degrees
Suggested terrains: streets, bike lanes, and sidewalks

Battery Size: 36V 8Ah

Range: 30km

Charge Time: 12-hours. or 6-hours (fast-charger)

Total Weight: 12.9kgs

Max Load Capacity: 120kgs


Folded Dimensions: 93cm x 35cm x 16cm


Tires: 8″ front air, 8″ solid rear

Suspension: Front forks

Brakes: Rear drums

Lights: Front and Rear

  • When riding eScooters in Australia, please always respect your local laws and regulations as to where you’re able to ride, how fast you can ride and what you need to do in relation to other road users, pedestrians, riders etc.
  • Please always wear an Australia Standard approved helmet. Other protective equipment isn’t a bad idea either. Even at low-speeds, coming unstuck on an eScooter can cause serious injuries, including but not limited to road-rash – don’t be a squid (hard head, soft body).
Lite, portable,
reliable and versatile.

The Bolzzen Atom Lite is one of the most feature-rich and purposefully designed eScooters in the entry-level end of the market with the most value for your money. Power, Quality and Reliability – the Bolzzen promise.

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warranty and support
We're serious about support
Bolzzen Electric-Protec

12-months coverage

Every Bolzzen product comes with a conditional 12-month factory-backed warranty. Please check with your product’s Owners Manual for specific details. However, buy and ride with confidence knowing that should anything happen with your Bolzzen product - you’re covered.

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Sydney-based Warranty Center

Unlike many others in the market, Bolzzen is based in South-Western Sydney. Our offices are there, our warehouse is there, and our service department is there with our parts - should they be needed. Any after-sales support, advice or help that you require is ready for you - locally and quickly.

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 120 × 31 × 61 cm



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