The Bolzzen Commando; Class 4822D will be unrivalled for quality, value, support, features and enjoyment - of that, we can be certain.

Christian Muller

Deploying in early 2022 is the newest addition to the Bolzzen line-up. The Bolzzen Commando; Class 4822D. This new Bolzzen Electric Scooter is set to be one of the biggest releases of 2022 and will be one completely unrivalled for quality, value, support, features and the level of enjoyment an electric scooter can provide.

The Bolzzen Commando has been carefully engineered, expertly crafted, generously appointed and customised for the Australian buyer. The Commando will without doubt be the best value dual-motor electric scooter in Australia – this is the eScooter that has been needed and wanted.

Carefully examining the market and the products within have shown Bolzzen what’s important to buyers in the eScooter market. What features, specifications and abilities will make a market-dominating product. After all of that study, all that’s left to say is get ready for your new Commanding Officer.

Bolzzen Commando
Bolzzen Commando
Bolzzen Commando

Expect the Bolzzen Commando; Class 4822D to deploy online and in your local retailer (check for your local stockist) from early 2022.

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Bolzzen Commando; Class 4822

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    Shaun Adams
    Written by Shaun Adams

    Shaun is Bolzzen's Head of Marketing and a new convert to the eBike and eScooter lifestyle. When he's not blazing Bolzzen trails, he's with his Wife and Sons treking through newly found tracks!

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