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About Bolzzen


Outstanding Quality

Each Bolzzen product is the result of repeated testing and refinement.


Value for Money

We provide the best performance and experience, without breaking the bank.


Engineered for Australia

We take the best, then make them better for the Australian market.


After-Sales Support

We're here for the long-haul. From purchase to fun, we're with you.

The Future of Electric Transport in Australia
Our Core Values
The electric brand
for Australia

Refined and perfected.

Deliver the same outstanding performance, fun, and experience - for less

We're with you the entire way, from research, to purchase, to enjoyment

Refined, engineered and tested specifically for the Australian market

Committed to bringing the best electric transport to the majority Australian buyer

Got a 12" for my 5-year old boy and he loves it! He can keep up with us on our rides and often scoots straight past us and leads our rides! Great construction and feel. Very happy.

Charlie Bogden

I am so thankful for the Gladiator! I take my eScooters across some pretty nifty terrain when I go camping or generally outdoors! I'm not a small boy either and the Gladiator seems to just keep giving and giving! Love it! So fast, so capable and looks great!

Ryan Harper

I use my Macaw for food delivery! It's awesome! Being able to zip around the city and make my deliveries without peddling the entire way saves me so much! It makes the job fun and easy. Fantastic bike!

Sangeeta Suvarna

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